Lash Extensions

The application of EYELASH EXTENSIONS is carried out by dipping each LASH into an adhesive and then it is bonded to the natural LASHES BY one of our experienced artist. The whole process can take up to two hours while enhancing the length, thickness, and fullness of your natural EYELASHES.




Lash extension maintenance

To keep your lashes looking and feeling full, regular infills are required. Your therapist will give you thorough her aftercare, which must be followed so that you get the most from your treatment time.




Splash of colour£5.00

LVL Enhance

LVL is a stunning alternative to eyelash extensions! LVL has been designed to enhance your natural eyelashes by straightening them rather than curling to create the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. *A sensitivity test is required 48 hours before.

Lashes Plymouth.

LVL Enhance£45.00

LVL Advanced£55.00

Basic Lash Lift£35.00

Add lower lash tint for an extra £5.00