We’re a modern, stylish and very welcoming nail and brow bar. Our main aim is to give the best possible service by using the best products on the market, whilst ensuring all of our prices are affordable. We have a lot of services available, our technicians are all insured, trained in every treatment they perform and have impeccably high standards themselves.


Alongside our other facial offerings, we may also use the following segmented lines to create the ultimate skin result. Contact us if you’re looking for facials in Plymouth.

AGE Smart

It contains advanced ingredients that have been proven to impact the major biochemical reactions that contribute to skin aging before they start. This leaves your skin feeling smoother, firmer and healthier.

MediBac Clearing

Most products and treatments for acne are specifically made for teenage skin, making them too harsh and irritating for adult acne sufferers. MediBac Clearing controls acne without compromising your skin’s integrity, which means your skin is clearer and healthier.


Itching, burning and redness are the main signs of sensitive skin. The triggers behind these sensations are less clear: genetics, hormones, stress, chemical assaults, foods and even aggressive skin treatments can intensify skin’s highly reactive state. UltraCalming has been clinically proven to control neurogenic and immunogenic inflammatory pathways that lead to skin sensitivity.


Gel nails are one of the most popular nail treatments available at Polished; they can last for 2 to 3 weeks without chipping and make your nails grow stronger and longer! Because the polish is long-lasting, nails grow longer without breaking. If you’re looking for a nail salon in Plymouth, contact Polished Plymouth.

HD brows

HD brows involve a high precision procedure that will transform your brow into a perfectly shaped eyebrow, dramatically enhancing your facial features. If you’re looking for HD brows in Plymouth, contact Polished Plymouth.


When you choose waxing, you can forget about those painful cuts. The hair removal method is a little bit more painful but you won’t feel any pain after a few procedures. The slight irritation and redness will disappear the next day and you will enjoy your smooth and flawless legs for over 3 weeks! Since wax pulls the hair out by the root, it takes much longer for it to grow back. A main advantage of waxing is that hair comes back thinner and lighter than it does with shaving. if you’re looking for waxing in Plymouth, contact Polished Plymouth.

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