Waxing by Wax:One

We specialise in Intimate Waxing and use the best products to ensure you have the best experience. Not sure what you want? Let’s us help.

Wax:One Hot Wax is recommended for all delicate areas of the face, nasal waxing, underarm, bikini and can also be used for back, chest and male intimate waxing.

This dreamy blue wax is rosin free and has a lower melting point so is perfect for all clients including your super sensitive ones.

Wax:One smooth is applied to the skin before each treatment to ensure the skin is protected and to allow easy removal of the hair without pulling or damaging the skin. Smooth is also applied post treatment calm the skin and finish the treatment.

Basic BIKINI£15.00

Think Bridget Jones underwear, tidy and conservative.


Taking slightly more than basic this is perfect for hi leg underwear for those not quite brave enough to go further.


Were getting braver, more hair from the top of the Bikini line, labia and bottom is removed. Perfect for a smooth look in G-String underwear.


The perfect landing strip. All hair from Bikini area, labia and bottom is removed leaving a strip or V shape. Great if you just want a little something left.


The main event. ALL hair is completely removed not leaving a single blade ! Perfect for any underwear or swimwear.

Chin £8.00

Lip £8.00

Cheek £8.00




Half Arm£10.00

Beard Shaping£15.00

Half Leg£15.00

Full Arm£15.00


Full Leg£20.00

Facial wax£25.00